Italian cooking, although not defined by the use of spices, is certainly inspired by the decadent use of spices dating back to the Middle Ages and newfound trade with the orient. Found in specific regions of Italy (typically in Southern Italy) the use of spices in cooking is prominent, and thus you will find many Sicilian-style dishes using a range of spices to increase the intensity of the flavour of the cuisine. Anna’s also has whole spices with a built in grinder package.

In addition to premium salt, papper and other spices, is a line of Anna’s Country Kitchen spice rubs. In convenient and attractive packaging, these premade spice mixes are ideal for use with seafood, poultry, beef, and other meat applications.


Anise Seed Whole Grinder

Cane Sugar Caribbean Pure

Cardamom Whole Grinder

Chili Crushed Grinder

Cloves Ground Grinder

Cloves Whole Grinder

Coriander Whole Grinder

Fennel Seed Whole Grinder

Herbs of Provence Seasoning

Himalayan Sea Salt Grinder

Juniper Berry Grinder

Pepper Black Whole Grinder

Pepper Pink Whole Grinder

Pepper Rainbow Grinder

Pepper White Whole Grinder

Porcini Mushroom Powder

Prairie Beef Rub

Sea Salt Cornish

Sea Salt & Herb Poultry Seasoning

Spice It Up Pasta Mix

Tuscan Herb Grill Rub

West Coast Seafood Rub

Zesty Poultry Rub

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