Anna’s Country Kitchen nut oils are imported from France, the traditional capital of nut oils. Anna’s collection of flavourful Nut Oils range from the staples like Toasted Sesame to the exotic like Pistachio.

Here Are A Few Of the Anna’s Nut Oils Available:

Toasted Almond Oil 

Toasted Almond Oil adds a subtle almond taste to any dish. The oil can change the overall taste and texture of a recipe as it combines with other ingredients. Although primarily used in baking, its light character makes it a good substitute for olive oil. Use with: salad, fish or vegetable dishes.

100% Pure Avocado Oil

This beautiful emerald coloured oil is versatile; works well with savoury recipes, baking, and even deserts – it has a fresh fruity finish. 

Toasted Pistachio Nut Oil

Toasted Pistachio Nut Oil is harder to find and somewhat more exotic than almond, hazelnut and walnut oils but, well worth the search. Toasted pistachio nut oil is a lovely dark green colour that adds the rich flavor of pistachio to salad dressing, pasta, grilled meat, fish or baked pastries. 

Toasted Walnut Oil

Use Toasted Walnut Oil to make a Walnut oil vinaigrette to use with any salad you’d usually add toasted or raw walnut pieces. You could do the same thing with hazelnut oil adding toasted hazelnuts.


Almond Oil – Toasted

Avocado Oil

Hazelnut Oil

Peanut Oil – Toasted

Pistachio Oil – Toasted

Walnut Oil – Toasted

Sesame Oil – Virgin

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